Talbert Halloween #20H2

Talbert Halloween #20H2

A Talbert Halloween Pipe


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Weight 37.9 g
Dimensions 10.5 × 3.5 × 7.5 cm
Bowl Height

7.5 cm

Chamber Depth

3.4 cm

Chamber Diameter

1.7 cm

Airhole Size




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For those who follow us on Instagram, it probably seems like I’ve been working on this pipe forever, but there’s been a lot going on. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, while the Pumpkins are always fun to do, I also wanted to do some nicely creepy freehand designs that were something other than “heads on stems”, and here is one. It is a rarity among our Talbert Halloween pipes in NOT having our normal Talbert Halloween stamping… In this case, I got so enthused with shaping it and laying out the carving pattern and giving it its squiggly, tentacled character that I completely forgot to leave any stamping space! I sat there and turned it over and felt like an utter idiot, seeing no place large enough for stamping that wouldn’t look awkward (I didn’t particularly want to stamp across the bird’s-eye front of the bowl), so in the end I opted for the more difficult choice of hand-carving the entire marking – I literally sat there with a hand scriber and some fineline cutting tools and carved in the Talbert logo and Halloween “stamp” in a nice seasonal script. The result isn’t as polished as our stamp, but on the other hand, it’s 100% unique.

The overall design here is a favorite of mine, the Pitcher Plant, but rendered with a bit of Tim Burton-esque linework crawling around it. I’ve been very fond of how this rustication technique looks in partial carvings like this, and it’s ideal for the purpose of adding a bit of disturbing, “What is happening here?” creep factor to a pipe. I can still show off the best highlights of the grain while giving it the feeling of being slowly “overtaken” by something alien…

It’s a bigger pipe, larger than our Ligne Bretagnes and most of the LB Collectors, and is everything we put into a Talbert Briar – Our best quality briar, a ton of working hours in detailing, and a handcut stem of fine black German ebonite. The stem on this was quite a challenge (There are some nice process photos up on our Instagram). I wanted it to be doubly curved, both an upswept curve to follow the shank lines and also a side curve with a paneled recess coming away from the shank join:

The handcut bit follows our usual deep V channel and passes a cleaner easily to the bowl, and the whole thing has ended up being quite lightweight for its size.

A scary pipe for a scary year!