Talbert Briar #2102T

Talbert Briar #2102T

A Talbert Briar freehand


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Weight 60.7 g
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 5 cm
Bowl Height

5 cm

Chamber Depth

3.2 cm

Chamber Diameter

2.2 cm

Airhole Size


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I’m trying hard to stick to my intention of producing a lot more Talbert Briars this year than in the last few.  It’s going to be fun because we’ve worked out a new technique for shaping and drilling that allows for more freedom when shaping the pipe to the grain of the wood (Curious folk can find more details on this in our Patreon site).  This pipe was basically pure play – I knew it was going to have that broad display of bird’s-eye across the top so I shaped the whole pipe around that, following the direction of the grain in the wood to produce a design that harmonizes nicely with the natural beauty of the block while also making a good example of my S-curve aesthetics.  For whatever reason, I felt the whole thing had a rather autumnal feel  and so I used an orange & black swirled acrylic for the handcut stem that I normally reserve for Halloween pipes.  I think the colors blend nicely, though, giving the overall pipe a sort of warm, golden walnut “comfort”, for want of a better word.