Ligne Bretagne Collector #21C1LB

Ligne Bretagne Collector #21C1LB

A sandblasted Ligne Bretagne Collector.


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Weight 55.5 g
Dimensions 13 × 4.5 × 4.5 cm
Bowl Height

4.5 cm

Chamber Depth

4 cm

Chamber Diameter

2.2 cm

Airhole Size




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To quote from our Grading PageWhat is a Ligne Bretagne Collector? These handmade pipes sit at the top of the Ligne Bretagne brand, offering quality workmanship in creative styles derived from classical pipe shapes. They’re created using the same briar I use for Talbert Briars, and go through the same processes in order to be fully comparable smokers and beautiful pieces of art combined. Each pipe is priced individually based on grain and complexity of design, with prices typically running between $350 and $500.

First Ligne Bretagne Collector of 2021!  Also, one of the first really good blasts in quite a while.  Sometime back when Emily was having her surgeries, our sandblasters pressure regulator broke just to compound the hassles.  I had neither time nor money to deal with it then, so we’ve just struggled through the last couple years with the sandblasting pressure stuck at one level.  We still managed pretty decent results, but to really get some of the effects I like, I have to be able to change pressures and it’s a sheer joy to have this working again in the new shop.

The pipe is finished in a rather complex method I worked out back in 1999 for adding a little extra “oomph” to my blasts – It’s been stained and then very carefully re-blasted over to leave darker stain in the lowest recesses of the textured finish, adding a little extra snap to the final look of the blast.

It’s also a BIG bowl, drilled with the largest chamber drill we have, so don’t let the exterior dimensions fool you – The chamber will swallow quite a bit of tobacco and this is not a ten  minute smoke.