Ligne Bretagne Collector #20C7LB

Ligne Bretagne Collector #20C7LB

A Ligne Bretagne fantasy poker


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Weight 34.2 g
Dimensions 10 × 3.5 × 4.5 cm
Bowl Height

4.5 cm

Chamber Depth

4 cm

Chamber Diameter

1.8 cm

Airhole Size




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To quote from our Grading Page – What is a Ligne Bretagne Collector? These handmade pipes sit at the top of the Ligne Bretagne brand, offering quality workmanship in creative styles derived from classical pipe shapes. They’re created using the same briar I use for Talbert Briars, and go through the same processes in order to be fully comparable smokers and beautiful pieces of art combined. Each pipe is priced individually based on grain and complexity of design, with prices typically running between $350 and $500.

These fantasy-themed Collectors have been a hit for us lately, which is a good thing since they’re totally fun to make. I enjoy just being able to cut loose and play with these sorts of freeform curves and lines, while at the same time keeping an eye on maintaining the functional basics of the “hidden” classical shape beneath. In this case, the starting point was a poker, but the result is a frolicsome beastie that’s well off into the realms of elves and myth.

This one is a bit larger than its recent brethren have been, though it’s cut from the same WW2-era briar as the other black rustics. I have to say, I love these blocks… Something about them seems to inspire creativity in both Emily and myself. This one’s different in one way from the prior ones, however, with its smooth green bowl rim. It shows off some beautiful bird’s-eye grain spread across the top. I started to do the whole top green, but decided to render the chamber rim countersink natural, as a link back to the previous Collectors of this style. It provides a nice eye-catching accent ring around the bowl, set against the green rim. The bowl rustication flows smoothly in sync with the curves of the shape, and even curls around onto the bottom of the bowl – Check the underside photo above. Light weight and practical internal design make for a beautiful, unusual, and functional piece of art.