Ligne Bretagne #2113LB

Ligne Bretagne #2113LB

A rusticated Ligne Bretagne bent


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Weight 28.6 g
Dimensions 15 × 2.9 × 4.7 cm
Bowl Height

4.7 cm

Chamber Depth

4.2 cm

Chamber Diameter

1.6 cm

Airhole Size




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This was probably the most popular design of the Ligne Bretagne shape runs we produced last year, and we saved this one from the set to finish for December’s holiday shopping pipes.  Alas, we ended up moving to the new house instead, and the pipes we had set aside are just now getting finished.  This may very well be the last one of these shapes ever – We used up all the bowls I knew about in last year’s production, and unless some turn up mixed in with another crate somewhere, this is it.

The finish on this one is a bit wilder, to befit its possible “last one” status.  Instead of the usual flowing, feather-like linework of our Raven’s Wing rustication, this one has a more “wobbly”, swirled look, more Van Gogh than avian.  It’s actually rather sinister on close inspection, so of course I like it!