Ligne Bretagne #2106LB

Ligne Bretagne #2106LB

A rusticated Ligne Bretagne billiard.


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Weight 25.8 g
Dimensions 12.6 × 3 × 4 cm
Bowl Height

4 cm

Chamber Depth

3.5 cm

Chamber Diameter

1.7 cm

Airhole Size




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One handy thing for starting up production here is that last year we’d saved an example of each of our Ligne Bretagne “Shapes of the Month” with the intention of finishing them all in December for a sort of year-end review of 2020’s pipe shapes.  Obviously that didn’t happen with the move, but on the plus side we arrived here with a box of partially finished pipes ready to completed.

This pipe and #2107LB, like the two smooth billiards, are something of a matching set – Same shape, same overall measurements, but with different characters due to their finishing.  This one reverses our usual “fumed top” look by putting the darkened portion of the bowl at the bottom, fading up to a lightly stained top.