Ligne Bretagne #20H1LB

Ligne Bretagne #20H1LB

Ligne Bretagne October Season


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Weight 29.8 g
Dimensions 19 × 3.5 × 3.5 cm
Bowl Height

3.5 cm

Chamber Depth

3 cm

Chamber Diameter

1.7 cm

Airhole Size




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And here we are, diving into the grooviest season of the year! I wanted to do some different stuff this year for Halloween. The last few years, we’ve typically had a single design that we took orders on and made for each buyer. That got WAY overwhelming for our little shop and I was ending up making Halloween pipes straight through to March of the next year, and we don’t want to talk about how burned out I’d get on the project by the time it was done. So, this year will be simpler. I’m going to make a bunch of different Halloween-themed pipes, both Talbert Halloweens and Ligne Bretagnes, and just post them for sale as I make them and not get into keeping track of orders and requests and all of that. It’ll keep me a lot saner and I know I’ll have more fun.

And on that note, here is the first, a sinister churchwarden styled off of my huge fondness for the movies Pumpkinhead and Evil Dead. I wanted a sort of stretched, backwoods-horror theme with some nice happy faces pulled tight across the bowl and flowing into each other with a lot of intricate linework. I really liked how expressive our rustication made that big Talbert “Halloween Jack” pipe that I did last year, and I wanted to adapt the same effect to a number of other shapes and a variety of Ligne Bretagne bowls also so that every Halloween pipe wouldn’t cost $1700. I hope this first-of-the-horde does a nice job of kicking off the seasonal fun!