Ligne Bretagne #2069LB

Ligne Bretagne #2069LB

A natural Ligne Bretagne Dublin


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Weight 30.3 g
Dimensions 13 × 3.2 × 4.5 cm
Bowl Height

4.5 cm

Chamber Depth

4 cm

Chamber Diameter

1.9 cm

Airhole Size




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What an excellent surprise! We made this one as one of the options for our Patreon folks to vote on for the next “Shape of the Month” run. I literally reached into a box of these in rough-cut form and pulled one out at random, and wow… Never guessing I’d picked a rare natural smooth. The briar was so perfect and free of pits that I was able to leave the entire bowl completely unstained and darn near unfinished – It’s had a light wax shine but that’s it. The pale grain doesn’t “pop” like it would with a contrast stain or similar, but the subtlety of it makes it a pleasant discovery when the bowl is examined closely. It has some beautiful bird’s-eye grain and the wood should offer impressive color-changing potential, darkening over the years as it is smoked. In keeping with the “natural” theme, I also left the bowl carbonizing out of this one, so the buyer may want to take a little extra care during break-in and expect a bit more “wood” flavor at the start.

It’s also a Weeble –