Ligne Bretagne #2044LB

Ligne Bretagne #2044LB

A Grade 5 Ligne Bretagne smooth


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Weight 26.2 g
Dimensions 14 × 3.8 × 3.2 cm
Bowl Height

3.2 cm

Chamber Depth

2.7 cm

Chamber Diameter

1.7 cm

Airhole Size




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I am perpetually intrigued by the mystery history of some of our Ligne Bretagnes. I’ve commented before that I’ve noticed consistent variation in the briar of different ebauchon bowl sets – Some shapes will nearly all be rustications, others blasts, and a few designs are eerily reliable about turning out smooths. These bowls are one such example. I’ve got ten drilled and roughed for this month and out of those, 4 or 5 are going to be rustications or blasts and the rest will probably be smooth… and some damned nice smooths too, if I do say so. This bunch has already produced one Grade 5 pipe in #2039LB and now here I am again with another one! It has some absolutely fascinating grain too. Be sure to check out the close-up photos above of the bird’s-eye sides of the bowl – The pinpoints are extremely tiny and dense and they cover the sides, with visually obvious striations where the grain rings are as well. It’s a unique and amazing display and I decided that this time around it would go “naked” instead of applying some sort of stain effect. Instead, I’ve given it a subtle gold/yellow tint just to give it a hint of warmth to the color tone, but otherwise left it very close to natural. The result is a pale, subtle pipe that should provide plenty of intriguing study of the grain as it darkens with years and use.