Ligne Bretagne #2040LB

Ligne Bretagne #2040LB

A Ligne Bretagne panel


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Weight 27.8 g
Dimensions 13.7 × 3 × 4 cm
Bowl Height

4 cm

Chamber Depth

3.5 cm

Chamber Diameter

1.8 cm

Airhole Size




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This pipe shape was one of the candidates for May’s Ligne Bretagne “Shape of the Month”, and I’ve already got another rusticated version of this design underway, but I’m not sure I want to do a ten pipe set of these right after coming off of months of carving pumpkins – These shapes involved a lot of fiddly work and I kind of want to do something that doesn’t have quite so many edges for a change. Which is not to say I’m unhappy with this pipe, because dang… It came out nice. It has a few minute spots that kept it out of grade 5 contention, but it also has some really excellent, strong crosscut grain that shows bird’s-eye on both sides and crossgrain down the bottom and up the front. The grain is all nicely aligned with the panels so it makes a handy demonstration of how grain flows in briar, for those who might be nerdy enough to be interested in such things. These bowls have a slightly larger chamber diameter than the usual Ligne Bretagnes, giving them a bit more tobacco capacity. Couple that with the flat, thin bit and it should be a practical performer and companion all around.