Ligne Bretagne #2038LB-Extra

Ligne Bretagne #2038LB-Extra

A rusticated Ligne Bretagne egg


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Weight 34.1 g
Dimensions 12 × 3.6 × 4.5 cm
Bowl Height

4.5 cm

Chamber Depth

4 cm

Chamber Diameter

1.7 cm

Airhole Size




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Now here was a real conundrum. I wanted this end result, the pipe you see above. And I wanted it to be the May “Shape of the Month”. However, it’s a big step beyond our standard Ligne Bretagne shapes – I had to do a great deal of reshaping and reworking of the initial roughed bowl to get the design you see above, which is essentially one long sweeping curve. In silhouette, the only flat plane that interrupts the graceful flow of the lines is the flat bowl rim. It’s practically a physical example of the Ligne Bretagne stamp pipe, one curving swoosh. But, this extra labor means more accumulated working time and thus more cost, ergo the ‘Extra’ stamping and the higher pricetag. I’d love to do a set of these for this month’s pipe, but it really depends on whether this one sells and whether there’s demand for more. It did, however, give me a great opportunity to use some new rustication cutters we’d ordered – We picked out some sharper and more unusual tools than before and they were a particular help with some of the tighter curves of the surface texture.