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Ligne Bretagne Collector #20C1lb

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First Ligne Bretagne Collector of 2020! This one actually started out to be the second Yule Pipe of 2019, but we ran out of working time before Christmas and instead just decided to have some fun with it and play. For anyone just joining us, Ligne Bretagne Collectors are handmade pipes, sitting atop the Ligne Bretagne grading scale as individually priced pieces instead of the machine-shaped, standardized (more or less) shapes of the regular Ligne Bretagne brand.

In this case, hey, it's a big ole egg, with all the enjoyable characteristics of every egg-shaped pipe - A big bowl, extra-thick bowl walls, a wondeful round feel in the hand, and a surprisingly light weight for its size. It's finished in our new rustication from last year, which gives it a nice "shaggy dog" to go with the friendly shape. Shank and stem taper in one smooth S curve, in what is pretty much a Talbert house standard detail. The stem ring is 1930's marbled ebonite, flanked by polished brass rings.