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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #2032lb

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So here I sit, typing up another pipe description while listening to the soundtrack from The Last Starfighter during the epic COVID-19 lockdown of 2020. I know a lot of folks are worried out there and so are we, but work goes on. In the words of Captain Kirk, "First order of business - Survival." Making pipes feels a bit silly in the grip of such a crisis, but at the same time, creating a little slice of beauty that can give our buyers a few minutes of relaxation and comfort in the midst of this madness seems like a worthwhile goal.

This pipe is a first in two regards - It's the first and only smooth finish of this month's Ligne Bretagne shape set (and boy, won't it bring back some wild memories in the future as the March pipe of 2020!) and it's also the first pipe to be posted on our new website account. We're still with our longtime host but have moved from our ancient legacy account to a setup better suited for our eventual redesigned site. I'm currently crossing my fingers that everything will continue to work fine from this new location, and getting this pipe onto the site makes a nice test run.

It's a lovely piece, finished with three layers of stain tint to give it a deep gold & chocolate contrast and really bring out the grain of the crosscut block. Full grain coverage, bird's-eye on both sides and some beautiful crossgrain down the front and back of the bowl running onto the shank. It's a bit longer than the prior pipes of this month and the longer stem gives that long oval shank more presence. The stem is decorated with a marbled acrylic ring full of subtle veins of pale color, which you can see in the close-up above.