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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #2031lb

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Voila, the latest in our 'Shape of the Month' for March! This one is another high-contrast rendition, with a strong black bowl rim fuming that fades down to a subtle amber/yellow tint on the lower bowl and shank. I was tempted to just leave this natural, but I wanted to repeat an effect from an earlier pipe and let the translucent stain bring out the grain of the briar - If you look closely at the photos above that show the top of the shank (and some of the bowl views as well), you can see the faint shadows of the crosscut grain of the briar showing through the carved surface texture. Emily mixed this color and I'm really fond of it - It's very thin and doesn't "shout" that it's been stained, but it's handy for enhancing the briar grain to create a look that's "more natural than natural".

The carving is pretty fancy on this one and took a bit more time than usual - It has not one but two "fingerprint" center swirls, one on the bowl front and the second just beneath the bowl on the shank. The carving ripples and flows around these centers to give the entire pipe a very lively and almost dancing feel. These long-shanked Canadians have proven to be excellent canvases for our rustication effect.