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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #2023lb

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Heavens above, a catalog update happening before midnight! Usually I end up writing these posts at the var end of a working day but this one's been finished and all I had to do was crop the photos. This is one of the last three squat billiards of this production run! We'll still do plenty more in future, but we'll be switching to a new shape in March and that will be all of these for a while. The other two are in final carving now, along with one of the taller, longer billiards to close out February. It's working out well, this process of sticking to one shape each month, and it's fun coming up with various alternative renditions of the same basic design.

This particular pipe has all the good properties of all these squat billiards - A nicely-sized bowl for its overall proportions combined with a short shank and stem for easy travel, and a thicker-than-normal shank for durability. The black fumed top on this one fades down to a rich chocolate, then to a burnt sienna and finally to natural briar as it moves out onto the shank. One nice bit about this one is that the stain is translucent enough on the lower half of the bowl and the underside to see the crosscut grain of the briar showing through in a sort of "undershadow" below the carving texture. It isn't really visible in the photos but it's the sort of subtle detail that entertains on close, in-hand inspection.