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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #2018lb

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The second in a companion series of billiards we're making this month. Our newly-discovered larger billiards (the style of #2015LB) are this month's Ligne Bretagne shape, but I thought these squat versions would make a nice alternative to offer alongside them. These are shorter of bowl, thicker-walled, shorter in length, and thicker in shank. They're exceptionally practical pipes, with a good-sized chamber for smoking yet overall stubby dimensions for easy traveling. Sooner or later, when I can afford to, I plan on keeping one of these for myself because the design would make an ideal "Working at the computer" pipe for me - Super light and with that comfortable, flat tapered bit for easy clenching.

This one stands out with a different carve than prior ones. Usually we tend to round our bowl carving down to a joined point, but here all the carving moves in one continuous series of lines from the shank end to the bowl rim. It's a neat look, particularly where the swirls of the shank meet the bowl and curve down and around to bend with the bowl join. The rim is fumed again and the entire pipe has been stained a rich brown, then highlighted back for contrast to best display the detail of the carving.