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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #2017lb

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I know this is Billiard Month and most of our output is going to be those larger billiards that Em recently found, but I also wanted to work in some of these because I'm so fond of them and they make a perfect companion pipe to the tall thin ones. We've been making this shape for a long time and I don't think I've ever been dissatisfied with any of them. It's what I call our "Squat Billiard" - A little shorter of length, shorter and thicker-walled of bowl, and thicker of shank. The result is this happy little bundle of character, with a bowl big enough for a solid smoke but overall dimensions compact enough for easy handling and traveling. And the whole thing is positively hobbit-like in its general sturdiness (Don't get me started on the terrible pipe designs of the LOTR movies...)

This one is finished in our house rustication style, with heavily carved swirls coupled with a fumed bowl top that twists down around the bowl and contrasts nicely against the highlighted texture of the carving. It's four colors in all - The black of the rim, fading to chocolate brown on the upper bowl, fading to an orange/red/gold tint on lower bowl and shank, and highlighted back to natural briar on the outer edges of that.