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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #2016lb

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I got a good bit fancier with the swirl carving on this one, though it's mostly visible from the front and underside views - The carve pattern flows out from not one but three "fingerprint whorl" points and expands outward around the bowl from there. Funnily enough, the linework is carved in such that the front left of the pipe looks a lot like a sandblasted morta bowl. Someone in the future is going to mistake this for morta, I'm almost certain. I had originally planned to highlight the texture on this one as well, perhaps doing it as a fumed-top/natural-bowl style, but as soon as I saw it with that double-ringed stem in place, I knew that jet black was the only final color to use.

(It's also entirely possible that my current Victorian horror audiobook might have been an influence - See my write-up for #2015LB for why I now want to make every billiard black)