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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #2015lb

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As described in the entry for #2011LB, this shape was a total surprise to us - Emily found a bag of these bowls hidden in one of our crates from France and until now, I haven't even known I've had them! I've turned down several requests for billiards over the years because I thought the only ones we had were in a shorter, chunkier shape (like newly posted #2017 and #2018), so it's nice to find we have a good supply of larger billiards also.

I'm fond of these all-black pipes because they always put me in mind of Victorian London and Sherlock-iana - It's just something about the black billiard that seems both classical and a wee bit sinister. As with a few other black pipes we've done lately, it's been enhanced with a subtle bit of polished copper ringwork, and the narrow stem ring provides just enough "glint" to give the whole pipe a pleasantly formal sort of character.

The photos above are also something of an experiment. I don't have a proper polarizing filter for my phone camera and all-black pipes can be a challenge to photograph otherwise, as the shiny textured surfaces tend to end up as a visual mess of all white reflections and all black recesses. With the pics above, I tried something a little different... Creating a polarizing "filter" in Photoshop and using that to remove some of the visual noise.


** Note - Check out the underside view of the pipe where it's lying on its side on the lighter. That's probably the best-lit view of the carving detail. Black pipes can be challenging to photograph.