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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #2012lb

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The second pipe in this month's shape run of ten billiards. As described in the entry for #2011LB, this shape was a total surprise to us - Emily found a bag of these bowls hidden in one of our crates from France and until now, I haven't even known I've had them! I've turned down several requests for billiards over the years because I thought the only ones we had were in a shorter, chunkier shape, so it's nice to find we have a good supply of larger billiards also.

We took advantage of the unusual long-shank/short-stem design of this pipe to give it a bit of stem pizazz with a pair of polished copper rings, to harmonize with the golden tint of the briar. It's a wonderfully flawless piece, with no pits at all, so we've given it a contrast stain finish with deep brown/black grain coloring and a final hint of yellow. It shows a powerful contrast that really makes the smooth bowl "pop".