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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #2009lb

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Only one of these left to finish after this one! As I mentioned in the description for #2008LB, we drilled a group of these as a set and are just about done with that run, and probably won't do more like this for quite some time, if we even do any more this year. Like the Oom-Pauls, it requires some extra tooling and setup for drilling the oval shanks, so they're a good bit more fussy to produce than some nice billiards or bulldogs.

I've been really happy with the results, though. These wide oval shanks provide a nice broad canvas for smooth grain or carving details, as seen above - The shank on this pipe is as complex as the bowl is. The linework starts at a tight swirl on the bowl bottom and expands out and up in intricate detail. The look is further set off with a marbled SEM ebonite stem ring to give a bit of contrast against the warm two-toned finish of the bowl.