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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #2006lb

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Here's an example of a project that changed course in the late stages. I'd initially intended this to be another "Near Dark" finish, as close to a solid black as possible, but decided midway through that the bird's-eye was just too nice to obscure that much and ended up giving it a final finish closer to a contrast stain, with deep black grain and golden-red final tint. That's the nature of briar and creative work in general. One thing I've come to understand by this point is that if a creation really wants to be something different, it's best just to let it be different and focus on what it wants to be, instead of trying to force it into a predetermined destination. It's still quite a dark pipe so it's not too far off my original intent, it just shows a bit more grain than it might have originally.

In regard to the shape, we're making our way quickly through this run of these oval-shanked designs. If you like the shape, try and grab one soon because we won't be revisiting them for a long time after this current run ends. They're also great pipes for anyone to whom Ligne Bretagnes are often too small, as these have one of the larger bowl capacities in the brand. They're not BIG-big, but they're a good long smoke unlike some of the micro-bowls we sell.