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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #2002lb

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One can hope it's a good sign when the second pipe of the year turns out to be your highest grade! I think we made maybe 4 grade 5 LBs last year out of 81 standard-production Ligne Bretagnes finished, so that tells you the odds. It's a strikingly nice piece, covered in tight grain that fans out from an intricate, highly detailed bird's-eye cluster at the bowl base to wrap around the bowl and carry on down the shank. It's finished in our contrast stain, with a black base color for maximum grain contrast topped by a golden yellow final tint. This is what makes me proud about Ligne Bretagne - It's the sort of multi-stage finish that one ordinarily wouldn't find outside of high-end artisan pipes costing $600+.

It doesn't show up all that well in the photos, but the stem is set off by a ring of marbled 1930's-era ebonite that provides a bit of extra zing to the overall look. I can only hope that the rest of the year turns out half this well!