So, here we are in Very Strange Times indeed! I write this on April 4th, with the impact of Covid-19 well and truly beginning to settle in, and I felt it was important to provide a little explanation of what the Talbert Pipes Workshop will be doing to cope with this threat, moving forward. We remain in business and still ship worldwide, and we’re following these steps to help maintain our health and the health of all our buyers.

1- Pipemakers are some of the safest people you can buy from, by default. My wife and I both work at home, we’re not social by nature, we don’t have customers in and out of the house, and when we leave home we follow all the social distancing rules. Plus, I’ve been wearing surgical gloves while out and about for some time already.

2- That photo above is no joke. Dust is a big deal in any woodworking shop, and aside from having air cleaners running we also already had a supply of N95 face masks. That way we don’t cough on our work, final stage handling is all done with gloves on, and the staining and finishing of each pipe consists of multiple wipedowns with 70% alcohol, which is one of the most effective methods of killing the virus on surfaces.

In a nutshell, while nothing is 100% safe outside of a biodome, I’m confident that customers can buy from us with a considerably greater safety margin than they’ll get visiting a grocery store or a WalMart now. And I hope they continue to do so, as this crisis is wreaking economic havoc on everyone and tiny little pipecarving businesses are especially vulnerable to sudden dropoffs in sales. It’s up to you folks to keep us rolling in these dark times, and we appreciate your support now more than ever!


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