Biz News – I’ve just posted another flood of Ligne Bretagnes to the catalog. Among them is the pipe in today’s pic, a nice smooth, fat, deep chocolate apple which looks good enough to eat. Also, the churchwarden that was marked as sold is available once again – unfortunately, the sale seems to have fallen through.

What’s next in the workshop? Goblins and billiards… an unusual combination to be sure. I’d already planned to start work on several really nice Talbert Briar billiards for the catalog when I just happened to get an order for another (If anyone is interested in ordering a Talbert Briar billiard, bent or straight, now is the time). This run of billiards is also going to include something that’s been missing from the site for far too long…. a new Halloween pipe.

In fact, I intend to make a Halloween series this year, but they’ll be posted and sold differently from in the past – no huge group posting in October, but rather an ongoing, one-at-a-time series of pipes that are each posted as they are finished. And the theme, of all things, will be classical…. as in, THE most popular classical shapes, all gone somewhat… bad. Insane, warped, deranged, and so forth. I look forward to working on a classical bulldog that looks as though it’s been reading too much Lovecraft!

In other news, the stummel experiment continues. Pipes #2 & 3 started out at 23.5 and 23.9 grams of weight, respectively, before their immersion – today #2 has dried back to 23.8 and #3 has already dried past it’s original weight, and currently weighs 23.2 grams. Repeated heat treatments are dropping them each about a half gram per day, and I’m curious to see how low they’ll go before we repeat the immersion process.

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