So, I’m working on a couple of pokers for a special request… The buyer wants a “CherrywoodMonster” – A Cherrywood-style poker to complement the PokerMonster and DublinMonster I made last summer (This fellow has now also purchased a BulldogMonster, and seems well on his way to having a dedicated collection of monster-sized Talberts in classical shapes). In chatting about this, some mentio was made of whether it would be possible to do a briar MacArthur, and this intrigues me enough to see just how big of a briar I can manage. Some digging through the briar stock turns up a handful of really long plateau blocks, and I’ll be working on the “BriarMac” tonight…. but I had to post this photo first!

What you’re looking at is the block in the chuck jaws with the bowl section pointing downward – I was about to drill the airhole. I’d never even considered the swing distance of the lathe, as it had never been a problem before, but this bowl’s sheer immensity made me double-check. Some clearance, eh? Yes, it DID rotate without touching the lathe bed. I’d guess it had perhaps 1.5mm of clearance! So, that’s the ridiculous pipe photo of the day.

Oh, and as for the CherrywoodMonster, it came out rather nicely indeed…!

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