The Halloween pipe continues to crawl towards completion. This is proving to be a handy example of the labor involved in these things – I know people have boggled in the past at some of the prices for the Halloween pipes, yet consider, in the time I’ve so far invested in this one pipe, I could easily have fully finished probably two or three Talbert Briars. It’s a daunting challenge! But at the same time, I’ve been having a really good time with it. The Goblins are fun to do, but they must always be kept under careful “budget control”, ie, can’t do this or that effect that I might like, because it would be too much labor for the price. It’s nice to be able to go all-out again, and really try and “hit one out of the park” to kick off the new year with. The preview pics are finally beginning to look like what the pipe will be when it’s done, and there isn’t actually as much labor left as there might seem. I need to do the sandblasting work on it, then smooth and detail various surfaces, and polish the stem. This is definitely what’s referred to as the “high tension” stage of the process… LOTS of work invested, massive pressure and stress to keep anything from going wrong, breaking, etc. Stay tuned…

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