Peter Heinrich’s pipe shop, the “House of 10,000 Pipes”, is the most amazing pipe shop I have ever set foot in. It is in Cologne, about a half hour’s drive from Rheinbach, and we spent all the day Monday just wandering through Cologne seeing sights until we ended up at Peter’s place and nearly vanished forever. I’m not going to do as much writing on this post because the descriptions in the Peter Heinrich’s web gallery tell most of the story. Peter bought portions of surrounding buildings and now his shop extends through multiple floors and landings, and includes one room for factory pipes, one room for artisan pipes, one room for cigars, one room for exclusively Cuban cigars, and finally a Cuban-style cabana smoking room where visitors can relax with pipe and drink. It is truly an amazing place. For anyone thinking of vacationing in or near Cologne, Germany, Peter’s shop is sufficient reason to plan an entire vacation around. Unfortunately, we ended up having dinner waiting for us and had to be dragged out, or I’d probably have been there till closing!

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Unknown · August 11, 2007 at 8:14 pm

Isn’t it the best?

One Cologne resident, Heinz Schwarzkopf, made the effort to write up a little bit about this shop:

Personally, I think that if there’s ever a remote chance that you could go there, you should. As a pipe lover, it’s pretty close to your pipe-mecca — when there’s no show in chicago going on.


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