Biz News – I have just posted two more Morta Classics to the catalog. I think visitors will find them both a bit different from the usual Classics! I’m still hoping to have some new Talbert Briars this week. Alas, the Ligne Bretagne catalog has nearly emptied out on me in just the few days since I last filled it. Sometimes it feels like standing on a pile of sand… though this is a good thing!

Today’s pic is a Talbert Briar sandblasted freehand I just finished for an order. I don’t know if it will see the catalog or not, but thought I’d post one of the snapshots here for fun since it may sell privately. It’s rather gnarly.

What do pipemakers do on lazy Sunday afternoons?

Answer a box full of email.

Photograph and post the newly-finished pipes to the catalog, and update the web pages.

Renew my domain name registration with my website provider.

Hunt around on the SNCF travel ticket website to see what prices and times I can find for a direct-shot high speed TGV train from here to Lille. I learned that we can shoot there from here in about five hours, then rent a car to drive to the Rheinbach show at the station, which sounds wonderful. Anything that does not involve changing trains in Paris sounds wonderful. Actually, anything that does not even include the word “Paris” sounds wonderful. (No offense intended to my various Parisian friends. I am simply a small-town guy and the size and chaos of the place freaks me out)

Check out and reserve some sort of rental car for the drive into Germany. I don’t know how Germans drive. French drivers have two modes – full throttle and slamming on their brakes. Perhaps I should rent something very large and heavy…

Write “Thank you” letters to the two friends, one in China and the other in the US, who recently sent me two magnificent gifts – one was a set of original ink paintings by a Chinese artist, and the other was a box containing two S. Bang pipes! I have good friends.

Spend at least a half hour doing further small graphical and content tweaks to continue the website rejuvenation.

Make myself a reminder note for all future blog entries that good articles should NOT simply be “To Do” lists……..

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