There’s something posted in the Talbert Briar website catalog again! Granted, it’s only this one pipe, but at least it’s a start. I hope to be able to hang onto a few over here every so often over the course of this year, so I can have my pipes available on both sides of the ocean. This is the prettiest pipe I’ve done in a long time, and full info can be found on the catalog page link. It is sold.

I’ve also got a Morta Classic sitting here for the moment, but it’s getting ready to go into a Pipe and Pint box before the weekend, so if anyone wants it, speak fast! I’ve posted a pic of it at the bottom of this blog entry.

Finally, I’m thinking about posting the database money charts that I’ve assembled via experience and tinkering. Basically, I’ve built a multi-page spreadsheet in OpenOffice which charts pipe income, operating expenses, bills, income goals, and most of the various important parts of working professionally as a pipemaker. It’s a handy way to answer the questions of, “Am I really making any money?”, “What do I make per hour?”, “How much did I make last week and how many hours did I work?”, etc. It’s also very useful for direct comparisons of the labor hours and payback-per-hour of different pipe grades and styles. If anyone would like to see this posted, let me know via the comments section. It would be a fair bit of work to make a blank copy of the template and then post multiple blog entries about what each category and item is for, and this would all bore the living shit out of non-pipemakers (while working pipemakers face another horror – finding out exactly what they’re making per hour minus expenses!). Thus, I won’t post this unless there is a lot of demand for it. Plus it’s entirely likely that all the full-time pipemakers who visit here already have their own systems in place to track their work and cash.

And to sign off, here’s the cool little morta being readied for the P&P box!

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Unknown · March 16, 2007 at 6:41 pm

I totally see what you mean about the pipe being Haku. Its a wonderful shape, and its killing me that I am near ducetless at the moment. Maybe we can work on a layaway plan??


Gorgeous pipe buddy. Just beautiful.

Mouse · March 15, 2007 at 11:36 pm


I’d love to have a copy. I don’t make pipes, I make jewelry, but since you have done a lot of work on this and since I am a simpleton when it comes to setting up spreadsheets, I would like to see if it could be adapted to my needs.


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