Well, some adventures later, here I am again with the final group photo of the new Ligne Bretagnes that are assembled and ready to be shipped first thing next week. Emily managed to impale her palm on a carving tool (a raspy pointed file, too, not a nice sharp knife) and we had to take her to the hospital in St. Nazaire for a tetanus shot this afternoon, which rather derailed the scheduled pipe finishing and boxing! The experience was a new adventure with French health care, and will be the subject of my next Life in France blog post, when I have the time to write. All is well now, though, and she’s bandaged up and already back to work.

We hope to box all the pipes pictured above for shipment to Pipe & Pint this weekend, and send them out Monday morning. Emily has an old friend from school arriving for a week’s visit Monday afternoon, so I will probably be away for large parts of next week, and very little work will get done (If anyone emails me and I don’t answer immediately, I’m probably halfway across Brittany at Carnac or something).

IF anyone is interested in buying any of these pipes direct, while they’re still on this side of the ocean, please contact me this weekend because they will definitely be gone Monday. Individual photos of the pipes, plus grading and pricing info, can be seen in these large JPGs here and here. Some random comments – The large billiards are around group 5 in size, for scale. The Canadians with the horn stems are probably group 4-ish. The thin, smaller billiard with the delicate, wasp-ish stem & shank is both a really nice sandblast and an incredibly featherweight pipe, at a mere 18.6 grams! The sharp-eyed may notice that there are a couple of extra pipes in the group shot above – Still available here also are pipe #3 from this set, and a morta Classic poker which was originally pictured here. Anyone interested in any of the above pipes, please email me. Thanks!

Next up….. Finally, the post on ebonite rod.

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