Well, as it happens, both of the pipes previewed at the end of that last blog entry are going to be available for sale. I’ve also got the interview questions back from the German ebonite manufacturer, and I will post them in the next blog entry once I’ve figured out how I want to format them and arrange it all. For now, here are two pipes briefly available for direct purchase. I will probably send them to Pipe & Pint before the end of this week if they don’t sell quickly direct, because we have some friends coming over to visit from the US and I want to turn them into cash before their arrival.

This first pipe is another snail creation, finished with a highlight stain which sharply lays out its bizarre grain pattern. Unconventional by any standard, it is quite warty and gnarled. It’s also fairly affordable by Talbert briar standards – While I enjoy the strange grain arrangement, it isn’t the sort of tidy look that collectors tend to prefer. The pipe is 305 € (Not including VAT for EU buyers) and is SOLD.

This next pipe is a true monster of a pipe – It’s size should be evident by comparing it to the uncut plateau block in the background! It lost one grading notch (and 100+ euros in price!) due to not being perfectly ring-stacked all the way round the bowl, but it does offer a tremendously tight ring grain display together with ODA size and the thing even balances upright without a slanted bottom – a minor miracle. SOLD, 415 €

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