People often speak of “art” pipes or “classical” pipes. I think there should be another category, the “amiable” pipe.

Aside – It’s funny how many English words have French roots, thanks to the Norman invasion. This is why I never take French fussing about “anglo-saxon imperialism” seriously… after all, they did it to les anglais first! And it was probably for the best, since otherwise half the English language might have descended from Welsh or Gaelic, and instead of “amiable” I’d be typing “Hamyychllyshchchyyc”…….

Anyway! I think of amiable pipes as simply friendly creatures, not possessing of radical dynamism or seductive lines, more like faithful friends to be lifelong companions. The Sam Gamgees of pipes, as it were. This particular pipe is an example of such – squatly proportioned but with a large bowl and an attractive bird’s eye display across the smooth rim. It’s the classic “good side/blah side” pipe… Well, at least I know this is probably how collectors might view it, though I personally like the weird lumpy, warty surface of the side where the rings aren’t tidily stacked. The good thing about this is that it’s a heck of a nice pipe for a smaller-than-usual price – It’s a Talbert Briar grade 2 and costs 305 €… a solid 200 € less than it would have had the whole thing been more consistently-grained (Note that this price does not include VAT for EU buyers, nor shipping). As I write this, it is available.

There are a few more Talbert Briars on the way shortly, if luck holds, so watch this space over the next week!

I am assembling another box for P&P, consisting of these past several mortas that I’ve shown here, and also this new one just finished tonight – a smooth Morta Classic for 229 €:

This one IS already sold, but please email me if anyone is interested in the Talbert Briar. Mérci!

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