Good heavens, it’s been a long time since I updated the blogs! Finishing up all the FdP pipes turned out to be a much more difficult and demanding job than I’d ever expected, and I’ve had to mostly leave the blogs unattended for weeks now. On top of this, we’ve been going through a very difficult patch with the business – unexpected expenses and such – and I just really haven’t had the enthusiasm needed to whip out spry and sprightly blog entries on a regular basis. But, I’ve managed to finish off a variety of difficult things recently, and hope to start the new year off on a better footing.

I always try to do at least one Christmas-ey pipe each year, and this one is my “artistic interpretation” of the season – huge and fat! But seriously, this was initially intended to fill a special request but it just wanted to be huge, much bigger and fatter than the order had asked for, and in the end it became this wonderful seasonal tankard (Since that is the only term that really describes it). I have not yet decided what to do with it – I may put it in our catalog here, but more probably will send it over to Pipe & Pint next week after Christmas. If anyone wants to buy it direct before then, it is 485 euros plus shipping (580 € including VAT for European buyers), and is currently SOLD.

I’ve also got one of the FdP pipes available, though it is almost certainly going to Pipe & Pint unless someone over here is interested in it. And that’s not counting the rather bizarre pipe sculpture that’s going to be the subject of my article for my next blog entry….

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