“Look at me, Sam, I’m episodic!”
“An episodic, sociopathic lagomorph. The mind boggles!”

I have been a PC adventure gamer for many years, ever since that first white house in text-entry Zork. Out of hundreds of bizarre games where I had to figure out how to use the suction cups on the fireplace to make the monkey drop the knife so I could get the sandwich out of the couch, Sam & Max Hit the Road probably still stands as the most fun and surreal. (My other favorite adventure games include The Longest Journey, Dark Fall, the Gabriel Knight games, Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon, the Laura Bow games, Broken Sword, and others… most of which qualify as Pleistocene by today’s video game standards, largely because they didn’t depend on elaborate 3D-modeled depictions of shotgun-blast brain-removal to hold one’s attention) Being an admittedly “Olde School” gamer, imagine my surprise and joy when I happened across the new Sam & Max game site and learned that the dangerous duo is coming back! Sweet mother of hairless lap dogs in a bucket of angry crawfish!

Anyone interested in Sam & Max should check out the new trailer for the upcoming game series – It will definitely bring back happy memories. I’ll even restrain my urge to bitch about the changed voices, I’m so pleased. The reason this post is in Pipe Pic, however, was something I noticed in the game trailer. In the opening scenes, if one looks closely just before Sam & Max battle for the ringing telephone, there is a wall picture of interest! I would never have taken Max to be a pipe smoker. One would think he would be a dealer’s nightmare, given the rate he must chew through stems…

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