Today marks the sad end of one of our most popular Ligne Bretagne shapes, the shape #72 “Fat Dwarf”. I knew that eventually we would begin running out of LB stummels, given that we are working from a limited (though large) stock, and unfortunately this was the first shape to be exhausted. It’s possible I may find more, given how piled-up and chaotic our briar storehouse is (Those who have visited here know what I mean), but unless I get very lucky, the pipes shown above were the last six of the series. But, why are there six above and only two available on the website? When I casually mentioned a week or so ago that this shape would be ending soon, I immediately got a request for two of the last ones sight-unseen, and another two were snapped up also. I wish I had more!

In other news, I’ve just posted three more new Morta Classics to the site. We’re going to rest the Bettafish for a bit, and turn back to some more conventional and classical shapes like these new Princes.

Here is another version of the above photo, where one can have a little glance at something I’ve been doodling in my spare time (such as it is). A Korrigan is a kind of Breton gremlin, or mischievous faerie critter. I thought I’d make a quick watercolor painting of one with a somewhat more alien look; less like the usual Brian Froud/Charles Vess sort of fae.

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Trever-T · March 6, 2006 at 8:05 pm

I don’t take special orders for LBs, but simple reservations are OK, as in this case. “I want two, sight unseen” is simple and time-friendly, unlike, “I’d like to order a shape 101 in natural-finish sandblast with stacked ring grain, 9/64″ airhole, prefer stem at least 3.5″ long, with olivewood inlay, and weighing no more than 42 grams”. There just isn’t enough labor in the pipe pricing to account for the bookkeeping and back-and-forth communication time for stuff like this with LBs.

The “Best of 05” Gallery will be appearing someday….hopefully before 07 😉

mathuaerknedam · March 6, 2006 at 4:28 pm

I didn’t think it was possible to “reserve” LBs? I might have don’t the same it I’d known. Not that I really mind, I just finished paying off a big chunk o’ debt, and don’t have the money anyway. 🙂 I’ve been wanting one of these for a while, but (until) nownever got to the site before they were sold. Oh well.

My Morta Classic #8 has doing a slendid job of feeding my “short, squat” fix, even if it is quite a bit more elegant then the Fat Dwarfs. BTW, I was happy to see the MC* made one of the best picks of ’04. I was recently showing a friend the Talbert galleries, and was wondering if we’ll see a ’05 gallery anytimne soon?

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