I’ve been busy posting new pipes to the site all weekend, and thought I would post here a group shot of them all. In total, I’ve posted nine new Ligne Bretagnes in the past two days, so we finally have a little bit of inventory! Four of these are examples of the rare (until now, I have only made three examples of the shape in four years) Shape 32, and there are some churchwardens and Canadians also, with the usual mix of sandblasts and smooths. I love this photo because it makes the lone Talbert Briar really show its size, especially next to the churchwardens which have some of the taller bowls in the Ligne Bretagne line. Pipes for He-Men, that’s me.

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mathuaerknedam · April 17, 2006 at 7:54 pm

In reference to keeping inventory…

On your main new page you wrote “I hate having empty shelves – While it might be taken as a sign of being “hot”, the reality is that if people come to the site and don’t see anything available to buy, they often don’t come back to look again, assuming there’s never any stock.”

I’ve thought of two things that could help.

1) Include post dates for each pipe. If a potential buy can see that the pipe they want was posted and sold within a day, they might be more motivated to check back often. With *my* text size, there’s room for another line of text next to each pipe photo without increasing the height required for each item.

2) More prominantly promote rss and email updates, targeted to the purpose of knowing when more pipes are in stock. Especially if paired with #1, a potential buyer can think “Gosh, they sell quickly. I’d better subscribe so that I might be able to get one without checking the site several times a day. I suppose a subscribe link next to each sold pipe would be a bit much, but maybe if the “sold” text were a link pointing to a page explaining news via rss/email would work (as long as the link is underlined)? Maybe with a more clearly labeled link at the top/bottom of each catalog page?

Just two ideas that popped in my head out of the blue as I was dringing through tornado #195 yesterday. 🙂

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