Today’s image is a shot from a very nice site I was recently introduced to – For anyone interested in showing off their hobby, this site has some excellent t-shirt designs for sale. There are also some intriguingly different pipe racks there, somewhat similar to the “Pipe Tree” made by Toren Smith some years back. The nice thing about such designs is that they will hold a lot of pipes that won’t fit in any normal pipe rack (like, ahem, many Talbert Briars that I’ve made.. I often wonder just how Bruce stores his Grendel pipes!).

I don’t have a lot to say at the moment – too busy buried in finishing more pipes – though there is much I want to comment on when I get the time, like Britain’s recent inane decision to ban all public smoking. But, of course, alcohol is still fine for your health, so keep hitting those pubs. In the immortal words of Jim Beard of ASP, “No one ever killed an entire family driving home because they’d had one too many cigarettes.” (And no, I have nothing against alcohol or pubs, I simply find it very hypocritical to consider the things we demonize – smoking – compared to the vices we blithely ignore – drinking to excess, automobile exhaust, industrial pollution, urban over-expansion, etc)

One last bit of news for today is that I just posted a new Ligne Bretagne Collector. I’m in the middle of finishing a batch of Talbert Briars and this was intended to be one of them, but unfortunately I had a bit of drill-bit wander through the long oval shank and it hit a little off-center – dead level with the bottom, but not perfect enough to be a Talbert, so the price dropped by half! Anyone interested in a large-bowl LB with a very nice blast at a bargain price, take a look.

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