Today’s pic is our version of Mark Tinsky’s popular “Today’s Work” posts on alt.smokers.pipes. We’re trying to get two specific, immedate requests filled, and also make some extra pipes for the website catalog. The three Talbert Briar stummels on the right are all variations done for a request for something similar to the Nordh “Rameses” shape – which I will readily admit is definitely not my cup of tea as pipe designs go. These three, when finished (if EVER finished – this project has been plagued by problems from the very start, with numerous discarded stummels – two of which can be seen at the top of the pic) are definitely going to be the only Talbert versions of the Rameses shape extant! To the left can be seen two designs of our own – a long and spiky shape that I made from a Rameses reject stummel, and a beautiful sea cucumber design that Emily created. I hope to have these finished and posted within the next two weeks, assuming nothing disastrous happens and I don’t end up with another horrendous stomach flu.
In the foreground are some fun & happy bamboo-shank morta Classics, which I’m hoping can be finished also in the next week – I’d love to make a single catalog update of all of these new pipes.

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