BAC Art pipesare incredible. These amazingly detailed carvings are the work of pipemaker Bartlomiej Anotniewski of Poland. I was fortunate enough to see the BAC display at CORPS in 2000 and 2001, and I have followed their slow-but-steady success ever since with great interest. I found the carving really exceptional – far better than most of the cheap, poorly-hacked “carved” pipes that one finds everywhere, most of which look more like the weekend projects of whittlers than of real carvers. BAC is an exception, though, and quite an exception – one can see more (and better) photos of Bartlomiej’s work here. I think that this paucity of photos is their main problem in online marketing. It’s simply difficult to find good pictures of BAC pipes! Those that are presented, are typically only shown in one or two small, poorly-shot photos, so it’s impossible to get a sense for how well-done the pipes really are. If one has the opportunity, check out the BAC display at your next show, and I predict you’ll be impressed.

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