I have finally finished the editing and production work on our little video interview with David Field. It is 45 minutes long (I hope not 45 minutes too long..) and mostly what we do is chat about pipes, the world of pipe collecting today, the process of making pipes, and the future of pipes as a business. The idea was to make the sort of informal chat that one might see at a pipe show, but make it available by video to those folks who don’t have the proximity or leisure time to attend pipe shows. It may very well be boring, so be warned! We didn’t have a mic, so the sound quality is from the video camera’s mic – not the best, in other words (Be prepared to fiddle with your volume a lot). If anyone enjoys this, I would eventually like to make more (assuming there is demand) and gradually make them a bit more professional in production… but, as always, that is time and money into the future. My vague model is the tech talks at TWITCast, and what I would really like to do is to link up pipe professionals from around the world via webcams and Skype, and assemble an ongoing series of entertaining pipe chats. Unfortunately, I know that no one is going to bankroll this project, so it will likely remain just a daydream. At best, I expect to make the occasional mildly-entertaining production like this one, when I have the free time to do them.

Once again, I am distributing the larger video via BitTorrent. For those unfamiliar with BitTorrent, it enables fast file-sharing that is easier on bandwidth than direct download from a server – One first downloads the torrent file (a small info file) and opens it in a BitTorrent program, which monitors the availability of the file on the net and downloads from every source available until the download is complete. Today is the first day of seeding, so expect downloads to be slow at first, but gradually increase in speed as more seeders enter the picture. For info and FAQs on BitTorrent, try Demonoid and the Official BitTorrent page. This video is 715 megs in size, and 45 minutes long. I had to keep the resolution at half-screen just to keep the size that small! Download the torrent file HERE

Once again, I have also made a smaller version for the bandwidth-impaired. The small file is in RealPlayer format and weighs in at 33 megs. The quality is about what one would expect from a 45 minute video compressed into 33 megs of space – tiny, blurry video – but as the main point of the file is the audio chat, perhaps it will serve (Just be prepared to turn your speakers up and listen to a good amount of hiss). Download the Real file HERE

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