Apologies for reposting something that’s already been seen, but I wanted to show this again because this new format allows the pictures to be viewed full-size (just click the pic) and this is one which benefits greatly from being able to see it larger. The old 500-pixel-wide limit made a lot of photos unworkable. I also thought this would be a good post for the new archives. To reiterate what I said before, this is the machine I use to drill most of my pipes. I drilled via drill press and lathe for many years, but recently I’ve changed to shaping the pipes prior to drilling them, which allows for more range of shapes and better use of the grain of a block. The adjustable chuck jaws are soft, and able to conform to most pipe shapes, plus the jaws can rotate, raise and lower, slide from side to side, and even tilt to various angles in their grip. It makes it very simple to chuck virtually any shape (I even drilled the recent “Grendel’s Mother” this way) and allows me to use cheap and easily replaceable spade bits for drilling. In the background of the pic one can see several bins full of readymade copper and silver bands, which we use sometimes on our Ligne Bretagne pipes. Also, sitting down on the floor under the shelf is an ancient pulley block, now rusted and dusty but still smooth-spinning. I’ve got about six of these things tucked under there. I doubt I’ll ever do anything with them but one never knows!

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Trever-T · October 10, 2005 at 3:45 pm

You are certainly welcome. I will be happy to post requests, if anyone has anything specific that they would like to see.

Anonymous · October 10, 2005 at 2:44 pm

That’s great Trever !
Thanks for those pics. It’s nice to see how you work.

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