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Detail Shaping 

Depending on what style of pipe I'm making, this can either be a short stage or the longest of them all. The next step is to move to the detailing table, where I will embark on what can occasionally be an extremely long process of tweaking the shape until I'm happy. Complex forms such as the tentacled Cthulhu pipes or carved figures can take just about forever to get right, and all that work happens here. On standard shapes such as billiards and pokers, however, this is a simple process and just takes a little tuning to get the best look. Em and I share two flexible carving tools with various sanding drums and cutters, and then move on to hand files for the fine work.

Throughout this process, I switch back and forth between the detail carvers, hand files, and general sanding discs as seen here. We have a large assortment of these discs in different shapes and sizes for different needs (Instructions on assembling such discs can be found here). Note the careful dust control setups in each example.