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Estate 2002 Talbert Briar Serpent #2002-2TB 

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The quick story - I've recently gotten hold of a large cache of my older pipes as part of a generous gift to help us pay my wife's cancer surgery expenses. Over the next weeks, I'll be gradually posting them as I get them cleaned, inspected, etc. Many of these pipes are NEW and UNSMOKED and have been part of a display collection, sometimes for as much as 20 years!

2002 was the year we moved to France and I was doing a ton of experimentation with morta that year, because it hadn't hit the main pipe market yet. It was a brand new material to me at the time and I was looking for ways to use it, from full morta pipes to shank extensions and rings and such. I was also making a lot of these sorts of curved-shank pipe designs, which I was referring to as Serpents and Alchemists depending. I love the long, sinuous designs and this is a great example of same. It looks positively "in motion", with a sense of life all its own. The partial smooth, partial plateau bowl rim adds to the feeling of "life untamed". The only real caveat I can give for the pipe is that it has a relatively small bowl chamber, best suited for flakes and ropes. Most small pipes are small all over but this is a fairly long & large exercise in style, and would make a great pipe for sampling or anywhere that one doesn't have time for a long smoke.

The handcut stem is made from black acrylic and the shank extension is sandblasted morta. It's been lightly smoked so I was able to clean it up back to "Like New" condition pretty easily. It's been cleaned with alcohol and has a new bowl coating, and I've sanded the bit down a little so that only the tiniest couple of teeth marks remain. I also gave it some internal airflow work on the V slot and it passes a cleaner smoothly.