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Talbert Briar Nautilus Finish #1903TB 

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Our new rusticated Ligne Bretagnes have been getting lots of attention lately, but I've been chafing a bit for wanting to start a series of "upgraded" versions of that finish for Talbert Briars. Ligne Bretagne is handy that way, as a brand - I can get an idea, test it out on 20 or 30 Ligne Bretagnes and see how it works "in the field", refine it as I repeat it, and then when I feel like it's ready to "level up", I can render a much more detailed and elaborate version in Talbert Briars with the confidence and prior experience that it works in use. Here's an example of this - I could have made three rusticated Ligne Bretagnes just in the time it took to create this *finish* on this pipe, not even including the drilling and shaping and stemwork and all, but I think it was worth it for the final effect.

The goal was simple - Create a new finish that merged the aforementioned Ligne Bretagne rustication with sandblasting, in order to present something wholly new. Most of the times when rustication is combined with sandblasting, it's done in "hidden" ways... used to enhance sandblasted grain and such, but generally with the idea of making the rustication work invisible. Here, I went all in on the carving, doing a basic sandblasting first to establish the flow of the grain on the bowl and then carving in sync with it to create that dramatic crosscut look, and finally finishing with several stages of sandblasting, more carving, and more sandblasting. I really like the result, which doesn't look like other blasts and yet it's still easily obvious to see the age rings and bird's-eye all across the bowl and shank. I'll definitely be doing many more of these, and elaborating as I go.