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Talbert Bouncy Poker #1604T

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It's huge. That's probably the first thing to say about it. While the squat, fat-shanked proportions might make it look small or "cute" in photos, the one picture to pay attention to is the one where it's sitting on the lighter, which is a good representation of the whopping 9 cm high bowl size. I could probably fit four of the smaller Ligne Bretagne bowls into this chamber stacked on top of each other. So... Not a quick smoke! It's definitely an all-evening pipe, and also definitely a hand-held pipe rather than a clencher, given the massive thick bowl walls. Up around the top of the bowl, the walls are over 1 cm thick! But the forward curve of the bowl fits the hand beautifully in a very comfortable grip, and the convenience of it being a sitter should make it virtually the perfect reading pipe - One could spend an entire evening with a good book and this pipe, smoking it and setting it down at will.

It's funny, I'm listening to the soundtracks from the James Coburn "Flint" movies as I write this, and I also had the same music on in the workshop while shaping it. (If perchance you haven't seen them, I highly recommend them - They are a pitch perfect parody & homage to the 60's Bond films that work both as comedy and as action) I think the pipe picked up a lot of character of the films - Over the top, cheerfully comical without being mocking, but at the same time fully functional as an entertainment in its own right. I had initially intended to flatten the top off and make the bowl more of a classical poker shape, but one look at the beautiful natural plateau of the rim changed my mind. Check out the close-ups of the bowl rim above, it's an excellent display of briar surface grain.

The sandblast pretty much speaks for itself. I'm delighted by the results I've been getting lately since improving our sandblasting setup, and this is another quality example, showcasing some extremely tight age rings in dramatic, three dimensional detail. I'd originally planned to stain the pipe in some type of orange or gold tint, but after the blasting was done I decide to leave this one unstained. Look for a great deal of briar coloration over the years as it is smoked!

The stem is my own hand-mixed amber resin material, that I cast into plates here to make handcut stems from. The wood insert is mountain ash - We got it on a trip to the North Carolina mountains last year and I've had it drying and stabilizing since. It could almost be called "NC Olivewood" as the color pattern is similar, pale tans and brown swirls that go well with the orange hues of the stem and the natural briar bowl.

Those who follow our Instagram account have already seen the "Making Of" photos of this pipe, but for anyone who missed them, here are a few shot of the creation process of this piece: