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Pens, Tampers, & Misc FAQ 

How often do you update this catalog?  As often as possible! But seriously, this will probably be the slowest updated page of the site, because our various extra items are produced mainly for fun, in and around our regular workshop projects, so it is impossible to make any sort of predictions about when we will have the next pens/jewelry/tampers/whatever available.

Can I special order a pen/tamper/etc?  The short answer is no. Lower cost items like these need to be produced speedily and efficiently, and this precludes the sort of extended back-and-forth consultation process that typically accompanies the special order of an item like a high grade pipe. Also, ours is a small shop and we already have a difficult time keeping up with pipe orders, so adding tamper orders and pen orders to the mix would be a recipe for disaster.

Will you have any more of those morta pipe stands you sold in Brittany?  No. We made those from our immense stock of scrap morta, which was morta that was too cracked or flawed to be used for pipes. When we moved, we could afford to ship very little, so we only brought our best quality pipe morta, and left the scrap material behind.

I have a question about my Cafe Press order.  Anything involving payments, shipping, shipping times, etc, needs to be addressed directly to Cafe Press, because they handle all the processing of orders for their items. However, I do want to hear from people about the quality of the items, whether they are happy with their purchases, and if there are other graphics or themes that they would like to see available (Talbert Pipes calendars, Ligne Bretagne t-shirts, and so forth).