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F & Pease Winter's Tale

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 Price: $300
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Unlike the Bohemian Scandal, which is now practically legendary, F&P Winter's Tale is a bit of a forgotten masterpiece... More of a "cult classic", if you like. It is very likely my all-time favorite tobacco, probably even outranking my beloved 1792. Greg made it in small stoved batches in 1998 and 1999 and it didn't last through the transition from F&P to GLP. As with all too many of the classic tobaccos of the past, the ingredients are no longer available to make this today - It's a blend of Virginias, Latakia, and Louisiana Perique. I bought this in 1999 along with a whole stack of these tins, and have been gradually smoking them and hoarding them ever since. Now I'm down to two tins - One that I won't sell and this one, which I'm willing to let go if anyone is willing to pay the price, because I'm trying to raise every penny I can to help pay for Emily's surgery. It wasn't produced in enough quantity to have attained the sort of reputation of blends like Bohemian Scandal, but as a micro-production boutique blend, it's top tier. This tin is unopened since it was packed in 1999!