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90's era Stanwell

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 Price: $135
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Poor Stanwell... They've not had great recent years. Spend any time around pipe groups and you'll be sure to hear someone lamenting the quality of Stanwells today versus Stanwells of old, and this is a prime example. I'm sure someone will come shout at me about the price - "$135! I could buy a NEW one for half that price!" But the thing is, in the late 90's when I bought this pipe, Stanwells were the best bang for the buck in pipedom. They also cost more... IIRC this was a $200-250ish pipe at the time. That was the great thing about the older Stanwells, though. They were $200 pipes that were on par with a lot of $500+ pipes. Today they're $75 pipes that are worth $75.

In any event, this one is from my own collection and I've smoked it over the years, albeit not heavily. I've given it the usual full cleaning and restoration, including alcohol cleaning, some careful sanding and polishing of the bit to remove the faintest of teeth marks, and cleaning of the outer bowl to remove the rim char. It's still a bit dark at the bowl rim, as can be seen in the photos, but I didn't want to take it down further for risk of removing wood and having to try and match the original stain... a virtually impossible task at this point. I've sanded down the chamber interior and given it a new carbonizing coat, and polished and waxed the exterior. All in all, a beautiful example of a better time period for the company.