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Joao Reis Pipe

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 Price: $435
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While we have been generously gifted with a selection of my own older pipes to sell to raise funds for Emily's cancer surgery, I am also selling off some of the pipes from my own collection to help out. Here is a Joao Reis bamboo-shank piece with quite a provenance - It's one of the featured photo pipes on his Pipedia website entry! It's kind of startling to see this pipe sitting there as a prime example of his work, it makes it feel a bit like royalty. The bowl is a neat sort of freehand semi-blowfish type shape, with a broad spread of bird's-eye across the front and rear and a flat rim of paneled straight grain that encircles the bowl vertically. It's a neat trick, though it does make it challenging to photograph... ergo, why I took so many pictures above in hopes of conveying the form of the pipe accurately.

I've owned it and smoked it for around ten years now, I guess. I cleaned it thoroughly with alcohol and cleaned the bowl rim and reamed the bowl back to briar, then applied a new carbonizing layer. There's still some rim darkening on the rear of the bowl top but to remove that further I would have had to start sanding it down and reshaping the curvature, and I didn't feel right doing that to another artisan's work. You can see it in the bowl-top photo above, and I think I managed to get it pretty cleaned up without going too far. I've essentially given it an end-to-end restoration, including drill-reaming the airhole, re-polishing the stem and bamboo and bowl, and generally making it look as new as possible.